Volkswagen Parts Logistic, Nykvarn, Sweden

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Volkswagen Parts Logistic, Nykvarn, Sweden

Volkswagen Parts Logistics in Nykvarn is the new central warehouse in Scandinavian for all car models of the Volkswagen group.

With famous brands like VW, Audi, Seat, Porsche and Skoda a considerable amount of spare parts needed to be stored.

Volkswagen Parts Logistics recently moved to a newly built warehouse due to demand for more space to store the continuously growing stock of new spare parts for the vast Scandinavian market and the Baltic countries.


The solution was initially to find land based on an optimal location from infrastructural and logistic point of view. The new warehouse has a total warehouse space of 37.500m² with future expansion possibilities.

The warehouse is planned around different departments each equipped with its own storage system based on the brand, package size of articles and turnover. Each storage area utillised pallet racking, narrow aisle systems, shelving system Hi280 and cantilever system.  With over 100000 different articles stored in the new warehouse.


  • Mezzanine floor: 2500m²
  • Pallet racking P90: 12.300 locations
  • Shelving System HI280 + narrow isle system HI280 height 8m, totally 44.650 shelves.
  • Cantilever system: GT90 for long gods
  • Number of different types of article stored: 100.000