Nissan-Schenker Logistics, Sweden

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Nissan-Schenker Logistics, Sweden

When Schenker Logistics needed help with Nissan Auto part storage they turned to Constructor to help with their Shelving and Racking stystems.

Schenker Logistics is a part of Deutsche Bahn Group one of the biggest companies for logistics in the world. 3rd part logistics (3pl) is the fastest growing business area of Schenker.  

Nissan realised the advantages of having an external partner for logistics and storage and now keep their total central store at Schenker Logistics in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The warehouse is divided into 4 zones, where each zone stores spare parts of a certain type, based on size and frequency.

  • Zone 1 is the high rise installation, equipped with pallet racking P90, where bulky gods like doors, bumpers and windows are stored.
  • Zones 2 and 3 are the mezzanine floor area, on the ground floor they store high frequency goods and the upper level they store low frequency articles.
  • Zone 4 is fitted with the shelving system Hi280, depth 1000 mm for long and small articles.


A thorough analysis of all the stored articles was conducted and consideration has been given to all the influencing parameters, resulting in a construction of these 4 zones, each supplied with standard as well as special storage solutions.

Pallet racking, P90, is built as a 3-uprights-racking with a depth 1530 mm giving accessibility from both sides of the rack.

The mezzanine floor system supplied with the shelving system Hi280 and a large number of plastic bins to store more than 17000 different articles.


  • Zone1 - High rise pallet racking installation 8,5 m supplied with many unique solutions, inc. mesh shelves (sprinkler function) and various types of vertical dividers.
  • Zones 2 and 3 consist of a 400 m² mezzanine floor with a 500 kg/m² carrying capacity. The lower part store high frequency goods and the upper low frequency articles.
  • Zone 4 is fitted with shelving system Hi280 to a depth of 1000 mm.

In total zones 2-4 consist of 6955 shelves, equal to 8972m of shelves with 3800 plastic bins for small part storage.