The storehouse, the museum of Malmö

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The storehouse, the museum of Malmö

The Museum of Malmö is wellknown and has a unique multicultural profile. Museums strive for a dialog with the citizens of the society; the museum of Malmö is no exception. The museum of Malmö exhibit large collections from a numerous different sectors, such as technology and shipping, the cultural history of the industrialization, nature, photo and art to mention a few.

The museum is old. It was founded already 1841 and is located in a large number of locations. Most well-known is the Castle Malmöhus, The House of Technology & Shipping and the House of Commandant.

The collections of the museum have up to know been located in miserable premises outside Malmö. In 2003 the move to a newly renovated storehouse in the harbour of Malmö started. At the same time a considerable work with classifying and listing all items started. The storehouse has a surface of 12000 m2, whereof 10.000 m2 consist of halls for storage. The project has been utmost time consuming but has on the other hand given the museum a unique opportunity to plan, organize storage from the beginning. Constructor has participated as supplier of special storage systems like newly developed drawers and roll-front doors.

For storing of arts Constructor has supplied space saving compact storage, Compactus@, 22 mobiles, 9800 mm deep and equipped with leaning mesh-frames for smooth and secure storage. Moreover traditional pallet-racking for
space-demanding items like for instance antique furniture has been supplied.

Mobile compact storage has also been supplied for archeological items. The main storehouse has been equipped with traditional shelving system H1280 Silverline. The installation is designed with closed frames. Totally 3000 linear-meters of shelving have been installed.