The Museum of Helsingborg - The storehouse of Culture

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The Museum of Helsingborg - The storehouse of Culture

The name - Dunker - conveys respect way outside Helsingborg. Mr. Henry Dunker was the founder of the Helsingborg Rubber Factory, which later changed name to Tretorn. The couple Dunkers' large assets were left to set up a Donations Fund, with the aim to "benefit the beauty of the town". The town has through the Fund had an opportunity to invest in culture. The Museum of Helsingborg today consists of The Dunkers Culture house, the Museums of Fredriksdal, Kärnan the Storehouse of Culture.

The Storehouse of Culture is regarded as one of the most exclusive storehouses for storing of museum articles in Europe and was opened in 1996. Within the building of 8000m2 you will find everything which is required to be able to keep, store and storage all the culture treasures the museum manage. You will fins among other a storehouse for reception, room for registration, studios for photo and conservation. The Museum collection is stored in 10 special storehouses for the different types of articles.

Constructor has participated at the planning and supply of the storage systems for the art- and picture- collections. There are in total more than 300.000 photos, textiles, archaeological and zoological objects. In order to optimize the storage, the solution decided was a space saving compact solution adapted to the unique demand of storage. For a safe storage of art works the mobile storage units has been equipped with leaning mesh shelves.

For documents and smaller items of arts, drawers supplied with expanding fittings for smooth movements have been installed. The more space demanding items has been located in shelving systems, sometimes supplied with sliding doors for dustproofness.

The manager of the storehouse, Mr. Kjell Engblad, tells us that the treasures of art are on exhibition at the Dunker House of Culture, and could also be seen in municipal offices of the city. He also shows us the unique collection of insects that are stored in beautiful wooden boxes which are systematicly stored in steel shelving mounted on Compactus@ Mobiles.