Biltema, Sweden

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Biltema, Sweden

Biltema is the main Scandinavian supplier of mainly miscellaneous imported goods for the car and marine businesses. Biltema has more than 40 shops spread all over Scandinavia. The New central warehouse is located in Halmstad and is probably one of the biggest warehouses with a surface of 50.000 m2 equal to 6 football grounds

Biltema has due to a fast expansion invested in a new distribution center. The choice of place was due to the container port of Halmstad and incoming shipments by sea, est 10.000 containers on yearly basis. The warehouse serves the Scandinavian market and has116.000 pallet locations.    

The ground for the warehouse demanded a reinforced basement due to heavy loads and forklift handling. The foundation is 140 mm thick  and the surface is 160x260 m. The warehouse is served by 60 fork lift trucks branded Jungheinrich and the total length of the forklift roads are 8 km. The solution became a clean pallet installation, pallet racking Constructor P90 Silverline 116.000 pallet locations in height 10,5 m.

  • The capacity of the warehouse is impressive 116.000 pallet locations in standard Constructor pallet racking P90. Height 10,5 m. Beam length 2750 mm (3K) and in fork lift aisles 3600 mm (4K). Beam height 125 mm loading capacity 800kg x 3=2400kg.
  • Accessories: Pallet stop support, post guards in various types, half-pallet support, vertical back stop and security mesh frames.