• Bekö Bil Sweden - Tyre storage & Hi280 Shelving system - Constructor storage

    BEKO Bil, Sweden

    Due to new regulations all cars have to have a double set of tires one for summer and one set for winter season. This “forced” Bekö bil to invest in a new top modern workshop for tire services.

  • References - Biltema Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Biltema, Sweden

    Biltema is the main Scandinavian supplier of mainly miscellaneous imported goods for the car and marine businesses.

  • Dustin Sweden - Pallet racking P90 and Hi280 Shelving system - Constructor

    Dustin, Sweden

    Dustin is a leading supplier of computer goods in Sweden and Denmark. when they needed to fit out a new 20.000 m² logistics center in Rosersberg just outside Stockholm they contacted Constructor.

  • Electrolux Distriparts - Hi280 shelving Mobile and Multi-Tier, Pallet Racking - Constructor

    Electrolux Distriparts AB, Sweden

    Electrolux Distriparts AB of Sweden, is a well established 3P-logistic supplier with many customers i.e. Huskvarna AB. Warehouse space 35.000 m² containing approx 125.000 articles.

  • Jula postorder - Pallet racking & Shelving system - Constructor

    Jula postorder AB, Sweden

    The latest investment is an expansion of 56000 pallet locations, and they used Dexion/Constructor pallet racking P90.

  • KG Knutsson - Pallet Racking P90, Shelving System Hi280, Partition System, Wiremesh - Constructor

    KG Knutsson AB, Sweden

    KGK is expanding and due to more agencies, new products and the many small warehouses created a demand for a warehouse rationalization resulting in the new plant at Enköping.

  • Landsarkivet Vadstena Sweden - Constructor Archive Storage

    Landsarkivet Vadstena, Sweden

    The Castle of Vadstena was built in 1545 by King Gustav Vasa as a defense castle in order to keep the Danes out of Sweden. The provincial record office was established 1899 in order to “take over” all stored documents from churches and the local governments in the counties of...

  • The Museum of Helsingborg - Constructor Storage

    Museum of Helsingborg, Sweden

    The Storehouse of Culture is regarded as one of the most exclusive storehouses for storing of museum articles in Europe and was opened in 1996. Within the building of 8000m2 you will find everything which is required to be able to keep, store and storage all the culture...

  • The Museum of Malmö - Constructor Museum storage

    Museum of Malmö, Sweden

    The Museum of Malmö was founded already 1841 and is located in a large number of locations. Most well-known is the Castle Malmöhus, The House of Technology & Shipping and the House of Commandant.

  • Nissan Schenker Logistics - Pallet- and Small Part Handling - Constructor Storage

    Nissan-Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Nissan realised the advantages of having an external partner for logistics and storage and now keep their total central store at Schenker Logistics in Gothenburg.

  • Nordic Museum, - Constructor Library storage

    Nordic Museum, Sweden

    The Nordic museum in Stockholm is one of the biggest profane buildings of Sweden with a length of 153 m. The height of the tower is 81 m and the adornments have an impressive number of variety.

  • C-WIS Warehouse Int. Systems - Papyrus, Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Papyrus, Sweden

    Papyrus was planning to transfer part of the stock from different warehouses. For the design and logistics analysis of different solutions Constructor Logistics was engaged.

  • Riksarkivet - Constructor Archive storage

    Riksarkivet, Sweden

    Riksarkivet, is the Swedish governments administration for archive matters as well as authority for all provincial record offices. In fact "here rests the history of Sweden". It all goes back to year 161 8, when the law regulating "archiving of official documents" was introduced.

  • Scandinavian Eyewear, Sweden - Storage Machine Lift Systems TORNADO - Constructor Storage

    Scandinavian Eyewear, Sweden

    Scandinavian eyewear is one of the leading suppliers and design companies in Scandinavia of fashion glasses and spare parts.

  • Schenker Logistics - Pallet Racking P90, Shelving System Hi280, Picking unit - Constructor Storage

    Schenker Logistics AB, Sweden

    Total storage space of Schenker Logistics in Sweden is now 170.000 m². A fast growing business concept. Schenker is one of the leading companies worldwide within logistic services.

  • Servistik  - Storage Machines Lift Systems TORNADO - Constructor

    Servistik AB, Sweden

    The warehouse has been restored and equipped with 6 large Tornado storage machines in addition to pallet racking P90 Silverline and traditional shelving system HI280.

  • Svenska Bil - Storage Machines IPN Paternoster & TORNADO lift system - Constructor

    Svenska Bil i Norden AB, Sweden

    Svenska Bil I Norden AB invested in new highly efficient machine storage systems due to demand for faster access of spare parts and due to reduced space at the new plant.

  • Swegon - Pallet Racking, MOVO, Shelving Systems - Constructor Storage

    Swegon AB, Sweden

    Swegon is a Constructor loyal customer and all storage products are supplied by Constructor. Pallet racking as well as shelving system HI280.

  • Vitterhetsakademins Library - Constructor

    Vitterhetsakademins Library, Sweden

    Riksantikvarieämbetet is the government authority being responsible for everything related to the Swedish cultural heritage. Constructor has worked out a solution for keeping all the different sizes of documents up to AO.

  • Volkswagen Parts - Hi280 shelving narrow aisle, Mezzanine, Cantilever - Constructor Storage

    Volkswagen, Sweden

    Volkswagen Parts Logistics is the new central warehouse in Scandinavian for all models of the Volkswagen group

  • Volvo PV - Carton Flow rack, Pallet Racking - Constructor Storage

    Volvo PV, Sweden

    When Volvo need to increase efficiency for the picking department of the warehouse they turned to Constructor's Carton Flow systems.