Local Government Headquarter, Poland

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Local Government Headquarter, Poland

Bielany office was preparing transfer all departments to one building. According to that new building was design and build. During design process customer decided to have automatic storage solution for 2 biggest departments.

Main problem was with citizen department and drivers evidence. Huge amount of files had to be close to each other and guarantee easy access for customer service at front desk.


We provide to IPN machines with special plastic boxes for files. Machines are basement and go thru hole in sealing / floor to first floor. Openings are placed at first floor. Machines are equipped in new PaC100 control device and TC2000 to handling documents flow.


Machine 1:

6000 mm high
3703 mm width
2036 mm depth
Capacity of 34 000 A4 folders

Machine 2:

6000 mm high
4952 mm width
2036 mm depth
Capacity of 135 000 A4 envelopes with documents