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LG Chem Polska Sp. Z o.o

LG Chem suffered from small storage space at existing warehouse. Also critical aspect was goods handling which are very gentle and have to go from clean room to shipping.

Main task for us was to provide simples, easiest and more efficient solution to higher up storage space at existing warehouse. LG Chem had several types of boxes stored in trolleys that covered 80% of storage space in 8 meters warehouse and each trolley was not more than 1,5 meter high. Large amount of free space above was wasted.


We decided to use 2 special Tornado machines with 1220 mm trey and 300 kg load. Also we decided to use 2 openings in each machine. That allows LG Chem to transfer goods from production clean room with critical clean conditions directly to machine and than from machine to shipping. To provide perfect quality and safety control of goods in Tornados, machines get glass cladding that allows to see what is happening inside of the machine.

Due to 24/7 operation time all machines are connected to on-line support system that allow us to service them in real time.


In total 540 Pol–boxes ( 32” flat screens polarizers)
Storage space went from 38 m2 to 19 m2
Increasing capacity of warehouse by 60%
Better stock control

Machines dimmentions:
8700mm and 8500mm
4455 wide
4200 depth