Strømmes Reklame AS, Norway

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Strømmes Reklame AS, Norway

Strømmes Reklame is partner in SAG, special ad group. The group's intention is to develop Nordic/European concepts for gift and profile items; from textiles to pens and electronic goods to ceramics.

Due to an extraordinary development in Strømmes Reklame, they needed more pallet placed in the existing building. The store was already provided with traditional stationary racking.


The only solution was MOVO - mobile pallet racking. The length, width and height in the warehouse was effectively exploited to satisfy the need for more pallet places. Within the same sized building the number of pallet places increased 70%.


Pallet places: 1616 pallets
Length of trolley: 33,5 meters
Height: 6,5 meters (4 pallets in height)