RTV Oost, the Netherlands

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RTV Oost, the Netherlands

RTV Oost is a regional broadcasting company for the province of Overijssel. More than one million people can receive Radio en TV East via cable on the air.  RTV Oost was looking for a solution to store their CD collection of 9.000 CD’s which they stored in little containers which were fixed to the wall. Because of an expected grow of the number of CD’s to 15.000 pieces they started looking for an appropriate solution.

The Solution

Compactus® mobile shelving appeared to fit perfectly to the wishes of RTV Oost. The installation exists of 2 fixed units and two movable units with a total capacity of 16.200 CD’s. The steel cladding of the installation is painted in the house colour of the customer. To avoid movement of the CD’s we installed the frontside of the shelves 20 mm higher than the back side. Special developed book supports are used to devide the CD’s into the different categories.

Orientation on the future

There is still enough room to extend the installation with two extra mobile units to get to a total of 27.000 CD’s.