Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands

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Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands

The Ministry of Finance in The Hague was thoroughly renovated. An open layout and accessibility formed the central elements in the plans for the renovated building.

By fitting a roof over an interior garden, an atrium was created with a dome-shaped roof. The atrium forms the ‘heart’ of the building and houses a large meeting room without column supports and the meeting centre, the corporate restaurant and other central rooms for general use can be accessed through the atrium.

The solution

In order to create ‘transparency’ within the offices, Compactus® Office Electro mobile shelving was fitted in the aisles and open-plan workstations and offices with glass partitions were used.

In total, 38 Compactus® Office Electro systems were supplied with a total capacity of 4266 running metres.

Compactus® mobile storage systems were installed in the library and Sysco® shelving was also fitted in the building’s basement for the purpose of storing all types of financial documents.