The Netherlands

  • ABN AMRO The Netherlands - Constructor Compactus Office

    ABN AMRO, The Netherlands

    ABN Amro moved to their new accommodation. Here the dynamic archive increased to 3.8 extending kilometer. It was necessary that the storage system would be integrated in the office environment. In every way aesthetic was a high standard.

  • Bibliorura Roermond Netherlands - Constructor Library Storage

    Bibliorura Roermond, The Netherlands

    Library Bibliorura wants to encourage its inhabitants to keep wondering and to be inspired for the rest of their lives. The design of the library had to amplify this goal.

  • Boijmans Van Beuningen - Constructor Library storage

    Boijmans van Beuningen, The Netherlands

    Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has completely renovated their entrance area. The entrance provides access to the brand-new print room. The area had to be a uniformity with the adjoining room, transparent, modern, and had to have a clear storage for engravings, drawings and books.

  • Central Archives selection (CAS) - Constructor Archive Solutions

    Central Archives selection, The Netherlands

    The archive shelving of CAS is expanded with more then 72 km of storage capacity. Thanks to the Compactus® Double Decker that is installed, a multi-tier mobile storage system, there is created ultimate use of space.

  • Cultuur Onder Dak Apeldoorn CODA - Constructor museum storage

    CODA, The Netherlands

    Cultuur Onder Dak Apeldoorn (CODA) is an organisation that consists of a unique combination of the Apeldoorns Museum, Library Apeldoorn and Apeldoorns Archive. The museum, together with the municipal archive and part of the library moved into a new building, designed by Herman...

  • Historical Centre Overijssel - Constructor Archive Storage

    Historical Centre Overijssel, The Netherlands

    The Historical Centre Overijssel wished to improve accessibility of her collection to a wider public. They started the construction of new housing. At the same time the depositories would be refurbished.

  • Library Rosmalen - Constructor Library Storage

    Libray Rosmalen, The Netherlands

    Libray Rosmalen was very proud to open its new premises in the modern-style social and cultural centre. The new library consists of two floors which contain a collection of a broad range of contemporary novels, non-fiction books and DVD’s.

  • Ministry of Finance - Constructor office storage

    Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands

    The Ministry of Finance in The Hague was thoroughly renovated. An open layout and accessibility formed the central elements in the plans for the renovated building.

  • Mooy Logistics, Netherlands - Mobile Pallet Racking - Constructor Storage

    Mooy Logistic, The Netherlands

    Mooy Logistics B.V. is a logistics services provider that specialises in transporting and warehousing mainly fruit, vegetables and flowers as well as other refrigerated products.

  • MTU Detroit Diesel - Multi level storage Pallet racking & shelving system - Constructor Storage

    MTU Detroit Diesel, The Netherlands

    MTU Detroit Diesel Benelux has the regional responsibility for the complete range of MTU, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz industrial engines and VM Motori products for the Benelux region.

  • Municipality Museum The Hague - Constructor ArteStore

    Municipality Museum The Hague, The Netherlands

    The Municipality Museum The Hague required more space for storage of the collection of photos. As in the repository logistic activities took place, it was not possible to use a raised floor.

  • Naturalis The Netherlands - Constructor Museum Storage

    Naturalis, The Netherlands

    Naturalis is the National Museum of Natural History. The vast majority of the collection in all, about 10 million objects is systematically archived in the collection towers.

  • Parker Hannifin - Hi280 Shelving System & Pallet Racking P90 - Constructor Storage

    Parker Hannifin, The Netherlands

    Shelving and pallet racking was required for hydraulic hose storage by Parker Hannifin when they made a few changes to improve storage and efficiency.

  • Public Library Amsterdam OBA - Constructor Library Storage

    Public Library Amsterdam (OBA), The Netherlands

    Amsterdam Public Library (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam – OBA) has had a new central branch since 2007. This seven-store library provides a paradise for those who enjoy reading and interactive media.

  • Rabobank netherlands- Constructor Office storage

    Rabobank IJsseldelta, The Netherlands

    With the refurbishment of the Rabobank IJsseldelta office, a number of requirements needed to be fulfilled. There had to be sufficient storage space to allow client files to be stored in lateral suspension files. Beside sufficient storage space, a comfortable workplace needed ...

  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam The Netherlands - Constructor Museum Storage

    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The Rijksmuseum is one of the world’s top ten museums. It is perhaps best known for its magnificent collection of Old Masters. Since 1885 the collections have been housed is the impressive building designed by architect Pierre Cuypers in the heart of Amsterdam.

  • Radio TV Netherlands - Constructor Media Storage

    RTV Oost, the Netherlands

    RTV Oost is a regional broadcasting company for the province of Overijssel. More than one million people can receive Radio en TV East via cable on the air. RTV Oost was looking for a solution to store their CD collection of 9.000 CD’s which they stored in little containers whi...

  • The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities - Constructor Museum Storage

    The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, The Netherlands

    To make optimum use of the available space in the new repository of the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, the museum storage solutions had to be tailored to the objects and the store rooms.

  • Tropenmuseum The Netherlands - Constructor Museum Storage

    Tropenmuseum, The Netherlands

    The Tropenmuseum is a museum where stories are told from various cultures from all over the world. For more than ten years the Tropenmuseum has been working on a radical modernization. One by one, all departments were renewed as well as the museumdepot.

  • Van der Gaag - Mezzaninse & Hi280 Shelving System - Constructor Storage

    Van der Gaag BV, The Netherlands

    Moving to a smaller building meant that not enough production space was present. Because of the height of the building, it became possible to place a mezzanine floor, which enlarged the workspace.