POLO Expressversand, Germany

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POLO Expressversand, Germany

POLO Expressversand is among the leading suppliers of motorcycle clothing, accessories, technology and sportswear.

All orders, from all POLO stores up to customers who ordered online, are handled in this new logistics centre.


The centerpiece of the new POLO logistics centre in Jüchen is made up of three four-tier-order-picking towers based on Constructor Hi280 industrial shelving system – with 10.000 m² of gangways and a height of nearly 10 metres, it represents the first four-tier system of this kind in Germany.


Warehouse area: 25.000 m²
Storage base: 45.000 m²
Picking rate: up to 200.000 per shift

HI280 rack dimensions:

Height 9,5m
Commissioning shelves: 57.000
Walkway area with grids: 10.000 m²