• Barneville Carteret France - archive shelving - Constructor Storage

    Barneville Carteret, France

    The aim of Barneville-Carteret Community of Communes was to optimise the organization of its archive room.

  • Centre for Bas-Rhin Departmental archives France solution - Constructor

    Centre for Bas-Rhin, France

    Bas-Rhin Regional Council has constructed a new and innovative building to store the departmental archives. The new archive had to contribute to a friendly working environment.

  • Crédit Foncier de France - Constructor office storage solutions

    Crédit Foncier de France

    The Crédit Foncier initially made loans to communes. It was formed by Emperor Napoléon III in an attempt to modernize the medieval French banking system and expand French investment outside Europe. Crédit Foncier de France is now a national mortgage bank of France.

  • Le Braz College France office cabinets - Constructor Storage

    Le Braz College, France

    Within the context of the organization of Le Braz College in St Brieuc, France, the customer wanted a storage solution in order to optimize the fine arts room. Fine arts education requires both a lot of space to allow pupils to develop their creativity and a compact storage...

  • Ministry of Culture France Library - Constructor storage

    Ministry of Culture, France

    Located in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, where the price per m2 reaches record levels, the Ministry of Culture wanted to equip all of its premises with metal library shelving.

  • Museum of Valence France - Constructor Storage

    Museum of Valence, France

    For the new repository, the museum of Valence required a museum storage solutions that guarantees the protection of the collection against dust, facilitate consulting the objects and allow maintenance as well as a regular follow-up.

  • Pharmacy Béthune France - Constructor Pharmacy Storage

    Pharmacy Béthune, France

    In order to reorganize the new main pharmacy of Béthune’s hospital, the customer’s priority was to optimize its available space.

  • SDIS 86 france, office movable cabinets - Constructor Storage

    SDIS 86, France

    As part of the reorganization of its working space, SDIS wanted to find a solution for storing its files that was simultaneously effective and stylish.

  • The Ingres Museum France - Constructor ArteStore

    The Ingres Museum, France

    The museum repository of Museum Ingres had to move to a new building. This new museum repository had to be be designed from the start. Important was that the various collection of the museum was stored clear and safe. For each kind of objects a museum storage solution had to b...

  • Toulouse Le Mirail University France - Constructor library storage

    Toulouse Le Mirail University, France

    In the context of improvement of its new premises, the customer wanted to optimize its storage rooms and ensure the publications were preserved against subsequent increases in the water table (in the basement).

  • Tribunal of Valenciennes France - Constructor office movable cabinets

    Tribunal of Valenciennes, France

    The tribunal of Valenciennes wished to reorganize two rooms, the archive and a room filled with several cabinets and desks.

  • University Bayonne - Constructor Library Storage

    University Bayonne, France

    The University of Bayonne wanted to centralize all university files in the heart of the city of Bayonne, in the historic centre at the location of the disused former military barracks. It is on this site, fortified by Vauban and today classified as a historical monument, that...