Elektroskandia, Hyvinkää, Finland

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Elektroskandia, Hyvinkää, Finland

Elektroskandia invested in Tornados hoping to speed up small-item picking. The company has approximately 18 000 items in the central warehouse, from which approx. 5000 order lines are sent to customers daily.

Elektroskandia purchased one Paternoster vertical carousel in 2001 and four Tornados in 2005. The picking efficiency of storage machines is high. Due this, Elektroskandia has doubled the speed in small-item picking compared to former mode.


With Tornados, Elektroskandia saves floor space. One machine takes only 13 square meters, but the maximum load can reach even 40 000 kg. One person being able to pick items from one spot of the Tornado offers additional efficiency. In order to ease item picking, the Tornados have light pointers, which indicate the location on tray from where the item is to be picked. By this the risk of picking errors decreases. The Tornados were planned and built as per HOT-system (height optimized trays), because the item weights differ substantially. Thanks to the HOT-system, the machine automatically fetches the first available location for the tray.


Tornado height: 8,4 meters
Tray width: 4000 mm
Tray depth: 820 mm
Tray qty per Tornado: 26
Load capacity per tray: 300kg

Paternoster height: 6390 mm
Level width: 4100 mm
Level depth: 620 mm
Level qty per Paternoster: 28
Load capacity per level: 250kg