Agrimarket, Hyvinkää, Finland

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Agrimarket, Hyvinkää, Finland

Agrimarket chain is an agricultural trade with garden centre and hardware and mechanical stores. Shop fittings as well as pallet racking and cantilever racks must meet storage requirements exactly both in shops, storages and outdoor locations.

In DIY and hardware stores the size of products differs from small items to large machinery. Hardware stores are strongly seasonal and that is why the flexibility of shop fittings is important. Warehouses and pick-up yards are parts of the shops also. Shop fittings must also be selling and dimensioning must fit for products so that they can be displayed effectively.


Fittings ware chosen and designed together with shop-chains own shop designer group. The Optim shop fittings system with accessories can be adapted to display even the most diverse product mix. Also customised solutions ware designed to single product groups. These ware door racks, poster holders, racks for horse blankets and saddle taps among others. For outdoor products ware special galvanized Optim shop fittings produced to stand up variable moisture conditions.

On displays we utilised also former solutions which ware made for K90 pallet racking such as plate and laminate racks. As racking is about three metres of height the highest levels are for storing products. With fixing solution made for rack ends the product examples are clearly on display.


To the basic outline of Agrimarket belongs clarity, passable room, natural rhythm of product groups, visual phenotype and fitting solutions. And this was fulfilled with our different solutions.


Optim shop fittings:

Height 3000 mm, depth 550 mm appr. 160 pcs sections of 1750 mm

K90 pallet racking:

Height 4000 mm appr. 1500 pallet places

Multi-tier shelving:

Height 4500 mm appr. 820 running meters

Cantilever racking with roof:

Height 4000 mm and arms 1200 mm

Mobile shelving:

Height 2020 mm appr. 137 running meters