Valsemøllen A/S, Denmark

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Valsemøllen A/S, Denmark

Valsemøllen is a traditional mill who each day, all the year round grinds cereals. Like in all other companies storage and handling play important parts in securing efficiency and smooth flow without bottlenecks and double work.

Valsemøllen disposes of a new warehouse of 300 square meters. The warehouse has a capacity and functionality which have been carefully matched to the need for storage and picking.


Constructor has delivered 2 pallet flow installations. One of the installations is 10 pallet deep, the other 6 pallet. Both installations have 3 levels and they provide a total of 576 pallets. To secure the racks against truck damages, firmly bolted safe guides have been installed at both ends (storage and picking) of the system. Valsemøllen is certified according to the BRC standard which has very severe requirements in terms of hygiene. Therefore Valsemøllen put forward an indispensable demand that the tracks were tiltable to facilitate cleaning the underlying floor.


Warehouse area: 300 m2
Number of picking levels: 3
Total number of pallet places 576
Number of lanes per system 36