Diversey, Denmark

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Diversey, Denmark

Diversey sells and develops cleaning and hygiene products.The company's strength is to develop effective but also environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Diversey needed to optimized the logistics of the warehouse and to replace the truck fleet. To implement it, it was important to analyze the picking patterns, needs, times, etc. For this reason Constructor Logistics was asked to help them.

Diverseys ERP and WMS system have limited opportunities in terms of ABC location strategies. The C-WIS software is a very strong tool to handle this kind of issues and to do logistics analysis based on imported data from the WMS/ERP system.

The analysis and the optimized solution gave Diversey unprecedented opportunities to solve the current problems by optimizing the location strategy, the layout and the equipments solution. The C-WIS analysis has also meant less need for trucks and faster service.

Diversey estimate the annually saves to about 800 000 DKK.