• Lift Systems TORNADO Storage Machine - Dani-tech, Denmark - Constructor

    Dani-tech, Denmark

    The installation of 4 Tornado machines has made a significant difference in terms of efficiency, control, working environment and safety precautions.

  • Pallet Racking P90, Partition Cassette900 - Danske Fragtmænd - Constructor Storage

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    The logistics center just outside Denmarks second largest city, Århus, houses 106.000 square meters of warehousing, terminals, administration and long goods-area.

  • C-WIS - Diversey, Denmark - Constructor Logistics

    Diversey, Denmark

    C-WIS project at Diversey provided extra profit.

  • Pallet Racking Drive-in deepstore - DKI Logistics A/S, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    DKI Logistics A/S, Denmark

    DKI Logistics daily distributes more than 40,000 pallets around Denmark. Furthermore, the company offers 3p logistics to their customers.

  • Pallet Racking, Hi280 Multi-Tier, Cantilever - EnergiMidt, Denmark - Constructor

    EnergiMidt A/S, Denmark

    EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company. Their new 2000m warehouse at EnergiMidt required optimization for storage both in height, width and length.

  • Mobile Pallet Racking MOVO - FJ Industries, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    FJ Industries, Denmark

    FJ Industries consists of two divisions - FJ Sintermetal who specialise in the manufacture of powder metal parts in steel and stainless steel. When FJ Industries built a new 620 m2 warehouse and wanted to obtain as many pallet places as possible.

  • Lift systems TORNADO - Holger Christiansen, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    Holger Christiansen A/S, Denmark

    Holger Christiansen made a strategic decision and built a warehouse centrally placed in the company. This warehouse is specifically designed for the Double Tornado machines.

  • Partitioning system Cassette900 - I/S Danlaser - Constructor Reference

    I/S Danlaser, Denmark

    With the partitioning system Cassette900 14 welding cabins were established. Furthermore, a closed and dustfree welding room was built for welding of stainless steel.

  • Hi280 Mobile shelvings, Pallet Racking P90 - Klinger, Denmark - Constructor

    Klinger, Denmark

    In a corner of the warehouse the mobile shelving system HI280 Compactus® houses all the spare parts. P90 Pallet racking is used for storage of pallets.

  • LEO Pharma, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    LEO Pharma, Denmark

    LEO Pharma is a leading global pharmacy company specializing in dermatology and critical care. For more than a century, their products have improved the quality of millions of people's lives around the world.

  • Small Part Handling Hi280 Shelving System - Mansa Autodele - Constructor

    Mansa Autodele, Denmark

    Mansa Autodele built a new warehouse of 450 m2 for storage of automotive spare parts.

  • Pallet Handling, Pallet Racking P90 - Multiline, Denmark - Constructor

    Multiline, Denmark

    With the new warehouse of 13,500 square meters MultiLine has created a central warehouse and gathered all activities. At the same time new administration premises have been taken into use.

  • Nomeco, Copenhagen, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    Nomeco, Copenhagen, Denmark

    One of Nomeco’s competence areas deals with storage and handling of medicaments for clinical trials. Here are quite a few requirements to fulfill for the storage of their goods.

  • Dexion MOVO in warehouse Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

    Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

    Novo Nordisk is world wide manufacturer and producer of medical products. This installation is unique and the first of its kind in Denmark.

  • References - Cantilever racking - Constructor

    SEAS-NVE, Denmark

    SEAS-NVE was in lack of outdoors storage capacity and at the same time the company wanted to liberate space for other purposes.

  • Storage Machines Lift systems TORNADO - Stema Engineering, Denmark - Constructor

    Stema Engineering A/S, Denmark

    The TORNADO is placed in the production warehouse, against the wall to the storage warehouse.

  • Pallet Racking Flow - Valsemøllen, Denmark - Constructor

    Valsemøllen A/S, Denmark

    Valsemøllen disposes of a new warehouse of 300 square meters. The warehouse has a capacity and functionality which have been carefully matched to the need for storage and picking.

  • Long goods handling, Rack for wood - XL Byg, Denmark - Constructor

    XL Byg, Denmark

    The installation consists of galvanized P90 Silverline racks equipped with rollers. The timber is stored/picked by means of a jigger. Before and after pick/storage the rollers are locked.