• Constructor reference Compactus® Office Electro system design - Celio International, Belgium

    Celio International, Belgium

    Celio is one of the main brands in French prêt-à-porter fashion. The company is founded by Maurice Grosman in 1985 and further developed by his two sons Marc and Laurent Grosman. Celio is constant on the look out for qualitative and original products as well as equipment.

  • Hi280 shelves, mezzanine, partitions - Cosanit Belgium - Constructor Storage

    Cosanit, Belgium

    Cosanit who supply heating and sanitary products to the Belgium market, asked for a storage solution, at their new premises.

  • Constructor reference - Ducroire Belgium office storage solution

    Ducroire Belgium

    Ducroire required a complete refurbishing of the working area, fitting in the existing office landscape plan. Important was to increase the storage space.

  • Constructor Museum Storage reference - Hessenhuis Belgium

    Hessenhuis, Belgium

    The exhibition space of museum Hessenhuis was attended for the depository storage of large objects of museum MAS.

  • Mobile pallet racking MOVO - Hottlet Frozen Food - Constructor Storage

    Hottlet Frozen Food, Belgium

    Hottlet import frozen seafood from all over the world and this all passes through their stores at Kontich near the port of Antwerp.

  • Lycée Robert Schuman Belgium - Constructor Storage reference

    Lycée Robert Schuman, Belgium

    Lycée Schuman was searching for functional shelving for their library, finished in a bright colour.

  • Mobile pallet racking MOVO - Moens Verpakkingen - Constructor Storage

    Moens Verpakkingen, Belgium

    Moens Verpakkingen was looking for a solution in storing their packaging materials before a new extension works could be started, resulting in the use of mobile pallet racking MOVO.

  • Museum Aan de Stroom MAS Belgium - Constructor Storage

    Museum Aan de Stroom - MAS, Belgium

    Antwerp’s town council organized an international architecture competition for the design of a new city museum. Neutelings Riedijk Architects’ 'Stapelhuis’ design was selected by the jury am as the winning concept for MAS | Museum Aan de Stroom.

  • Hi280 Multi Tier - Toyota Parts Center, Belgium - Constructor

    Toyota Parts Center, Belgium

    Due to an extension of their warehouse facility, the customer asked Constructor to develop a multi tier shelving for the storage of small parts and accessories.