Case Studies - What do our Customers say?

  • ABB Benelux, The Netherlands

    ABB Benelux, The Netherlands

    Why inspection of the racking/warehouse? To ensure the safety of employees and to prevent damage.

  • Danish Defence, Denmark

    Danish Defence, Denmark

    Colonel Jens Kofoed explains "We chose to enter into a co-operation with Constructor in order to have qualified and certified INSTA inspectors safety checking our pallet racking and shelving on each depot”.

  • GA Lindberg, Sweden

    GA Lindberg, Sweden

    The cooperation with Constructor provides us with more advantages. The rack inspector has a profound knowledge of racking and current rules, and we can easily get a dialogue

  • Jabil Circuit, Poland

    Jabil Circuit, Poland

    We are very satisfied from the cooperation with Dexion Polska. We can recommend this company as reliable supplier of warehouse equipment.

  • Multiline, Denmark

    Multiline, Denmark

    For several years Constructor Denmark has helped customers to carry out certified rack inspection . We have visited Multiline in Sorø and talked to Logistics Manager Kent Filt about the company's use of Constructor’s concept of rack inspection.

  • Novozymes, Denmark

    Novozymes, Denmark

    "We are not experts in storage solutions, so it is necessary to have contact with an expert who knows our warehouse to the bottom", says Poul Erik Olsen at Novozymes.

  • OCD Bardahl, The Netherlands

    OCD Bardahl, The Netherlands

    Since 1958 OCD Bardahl have delivered high-quality lubricants (oil and grease), additives (fuel additives and oil additives), coolants and cleaning products for use in car, motorcycle, industry, agriculture and shipping.

  • Onninen, Norway

    Onninen, Norway

    A longstanding collaboration between Onninen and Constructor in the field of storage systems made the choice easy for Onninen when needing to find a supplier of services for warehouse safety and rack inspection.

  • REMA, Norway

    REMA, Norway

    Constructor is for us an active sparring partner with profound understanding of how important security is.

  • Sandvik Wire, Sweden

    Sandvik Wire, Sweden

    Constructor and Sandvik have been closely co-operating for many years, and as part of this collaboration Constructor’s experts are carrying out annual rack inspections and arranging any repair work that is necessary.

  • Stabburet, Norway

    Stabburet, Norway

    Seeing pictures of racks collapsing is one thing, but to have the reasons explained for the collapse, and to learn how a small amount of damage can actually lead to such a collapse, is the most important lesson.

  • Textaafoam BV, The Netherlands

    Textaafoam BV, The Netherlands

    Textaafoam BV er en industriell grossist i møbelstoffer med en omfattende samling av tekstiler fra førende tekstilfabrikker verden over.