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Is your pallet racking safe?

There are many hidden dangers in a warehouse such as damaged racking, unsuitable rack protection, missing parts or untrained staff. Some hazards are easier to spot but many are hidden and the consequences of taking no action can result in damaged stock or injured staff.

Constructor can provide a comprehensive range of services that can help you prevent the unthinkable. Our years of experience, supporting thousands of Customers is available to help your business, however big or small. Whether you need a scheduled rack inspection and swift repair service, advice and support throughout the year or help in training your staff Constructor have the answer.

Do you need help? »

If you have a question that you need answering or have an immediate problem that you would like some help with you can contact our team by phone or email. If you have a picture of the problem area, send it in and we can take a look or arrange a visit.

Book a rack inspection »

Booking a Constructor rack inspection is just a few clicks away. Make sure that your warehouse meets the required legislation and spot damage early.

Book a training course »

The warehouse team play a significant part in the overall safety. Constructor can train your team at our premises, on site, or at a location to suit. Whether you are an experienced Warehouse Manager or a newly recruited operative, we can help improve your knowledge.



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    Why inspect your racking?

    Find out why you should have regular rack inspections.

  • Rack Inspection | SS-EN15635 | What is an Inspection? - Kasten Warehouse safety

    What is an Inspection?

    Each visit is certified and documentation provided that can be clearly displayed on the racks to confirm our inspection.

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    Safety Accessories

    Recommended accessories to keep your warehouse safe.

  • Courses & Seminar | Safety in the warehouse is a key priority for all businesses - Kasten Warehouse Safety

    Courses & Seminar

    We offer a number of training courses which can be held at our offices, at a suitable external location or even at your premises to minimize disruption.

  • Service-  & Contracts - Kasten Warehouse Safety & Aftersales

    Service & Contracts

    Our qualified service team can provide support and assistance during the lifetime of your machine or mobile racking.

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    Case Studies

    Find out what our Customers think of us?