Constructor Pallet Racking to changing needs

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Constructor Pallet Racking to changing needs

DB Schenker’s logistics center in Finland has Constructor pallet racking with a capacity of almost 30 000 pallet positions. The logistics center is a service warehouse for importing companies and wholesale customers, as well as a separate storage for chemicals. 

"During the first discussions we considered different racking options thinking what solution would suit best to customer needs and be adapted to the future needs.”, says Jukka Vahteri, Key Account Manager Constructor Finland Oy. Delivered Constructor pallet racking consists of standard products which can be easily adjusted. The height of the racking is over 9 meters and the horizontal beams lengths were optimized for standard EUR- and special pallets so that the warehouse squares and cubes were utilized effectively. Storage space is currently 25, 000 square meters. 

According to the Schenker Logistic Manager Katri Kostiainen have Schenker and Constructor had co-operation also earlier. Constructor pallet racking is also installed in the company's logistic center near Turku Port, where storage space is about 33,000 square meters. "It is important that the racking will last in the daily use. When choosing the supplier we paid attention to the competitive offer, the product quality and fast delivery schedule”, Kostiainen recalls. 

In the first stage tyres, lubricants, building materials and chemicals are being stored in the logistics center. "In the area of high flammable material has ATEX regulations been taken into account in electrical equipment and forklifts. Some of the racking is grounded, Kostiainen says. 

Pallet places about 30 000

Pallets: EUR-pallet and special platforms

Racking height 9 m