At Agco Power factory the carton flow has been installed on wheels

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At Agco Power factory the carton flow has been installed on wheels

In the Agco Power new engine plant the material flow is controlled by the Lean thinking model and Kanban control in which the Kasten Carton flow plays central role. The Carton flow has been installed on wheels and the locations of these carriages and the whole production line layout is easy to change.  

Company's biggest diesel engines to the Group's other factories produced off-road machinery are manufactured at this new factory. The thinking model was further developed so that it applies to the situation where there are two factories and one warehouse. The goal is to ensure the smooth parts intake to both plants, even though inventory levels change. Same parts are needed in many places with different volumes. Then it is important that components only have one storage location. From storing place the parts are directed with a thin material flow to supermarkets at assembly halls and installation places. Kasten Carton flow works as Supermarket. 


The customer had already experience in FIFO carriage made of pallet racking components, but our salesman Tommi Palonen from Intolog Tampere familiarized himself with the customer's situation and said that for this purpose a lighter solution would be suitable. So Kasten Longspan elements were used as the framework for the Carton flow. The frame is fastened to the plinth, which is equipped with wheels. The carriages are equipped with wheel tracks, of which the top one is the return track for empty boxes Picking takes place from ergonomically bent picking levels.


  • Carton flow Carriages 70 pcs, width 1915 mm, with two to three levels plus the return lane for empty bpxes
  • Carton flow Carriages 20 kpl, width 1115 mm, with three to four levels
  • 36 – 100 boxes/carriage 

AGCO Power supplies the engines to many of the world's leading manufacturers of tractors and other farm machinery. The factory manufactures more than 30,000 diesel engines annually and has approx. 700 employees.