Naturalis, The Netherlands

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Naturalis, The Netherlands - Kasten Storage of Small Objects

Naturalis is the National Museum of Natural History. The vast majority of the collection in all, about 10 million objects is systematically archived in the collection towers.

The collection of Naturalis is extraordinarily large. This is the result of centuries of collecting, along with the Dutch talent for trade. The exhibition spaces are able to show but a fraction of the entire collection just some 10,000 items.

The solution

To create a clear and efficient museum storage, Constructor's cabinets of drawers are installed. Through the open formation of the cabinets, the objects are easy to access by employees.

Special to these cabinets of drawers are the liquid tight drawers. When any damage occurs, the collection will not be lost. 

In the museum repository also light, atmospheric humidity and temperature can be accurately regulated. This contributes to an accurate repository protection.