Tropenmuseum, The Netherlands

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Tropenmuseum, The Netherlands - Kasten Museum Repository

The Tropenmuseum is a museum where stories are told from various cultures from all over the world. For more than ten years the Tropenmuseum has been working on a radical modernization. One by one, all departments were renewed as well as the museumdepot.

The solution

The Constructor Compactus® mobile storage systems with cabinets of drawers that have been installed provide the repository with a clear and safe storage. The objects are stored as compactly as possible, while being easily accessible, as well as being protected against dirt, dust and damage.

Sysco® is installed in the museum repository, which provides easy access of the stored collection. The shelving system can easily be tailored around the objects to be stored.

Both the Compactus® mobile storage system and Sysco® shelving adapt perfectly to the constraints of the building. The ventilation shafts, pillars and cables have been integrated in the design. That way there is an optimum use of space.