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Nordic Museum, Sweden - Kasten Museum Repository

The very beautiful building, where the spires raise towards the sky is also called the Swedich museum of culture history. First appearance when entering the museum is an impressive statue of the father of the Swedish people. Gustav Vasa. The historv of the museum goes back to the time of Gustay Vasa. the 1600th century.

The museum is one of the biggest profane buildings of Sweden with a length of 153 m. The height of the tower is 81 m and the adornments have an impressive number of variety. Exhibition activities is a central part of the museum and behind the scenes is an organization with 300 engaged employees. Documentation and research work are other important actions. The number of titles are 300.000, collected and stored at 5000 liniar meters of shelvings. Some years ago it was decided to make the museum more attractive from function point of view as well as design.

Constructor became a sparring-partner for the process and the outcome of this cooperation is a solution with integrated activeness and better access and
also a library with high lucidity for employees as well as visitors. Design and color setting has been adapted to the rustic character of the building.
Nordiska museet has a solution based on Compactus@ compact storing with sides in dark grey well balancing towards the blasted brick walls.
The lightening in the gangways are automatically controlled. The depths of the shelvings are 270 and 450 mm and the total number of shelves 4.578.
One of the unique culture buildings of Sweden holding invaluable historical treasures in harmony with modern Compactus@ library handling.