CODA, The Netherlands

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CODA, The Netherlands - Kasten Museum Repository

Cultuur Onder Dak Apeldoorn (CODA) is an organisation that consists of a unique combination of the Apeldoorns Museum, Library Apeldoorn and Apeldoorns Archive. The museum, together with the municipal archive and part of the library moved into a new building, designed by Herman Hertzberger. The museum repository had to be fully re-equipped.

CODA has an attractive collection of modern and contemporary art. The collection is built around a number of core artists. The emphasis is on Dutch art post 1969. The history of Apeldoorn is told in the form of numerous objects from the historical collection that ones belonged to the privileged upper classes.

The solution

The key criteria when installing the CODA museum  repository was safe, space saving and dust free storage of the museum collection.  The repository, which narrows towards the end, was equipped with various types of shelving, made to measure to suit the shape and weight of the objects and to fit into the available space.

  • Longspan shelving was chosen for the larger objects and furniture.
  • Panel shelving was the solution for flat objects.
  • Smaller items are stored in open Compact shelving and mobile Compactus® Power3 shelving. The biggest advantage of mobile shelving is that the storage capacity is virtually doubled compared to static shelving.
  • Paintings are stored in a separate room in double sided ArteStore Terra pull out painting frames.