Archive and Public Library, Madeira

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Archive and Public Library, Madeira

The new Building of the Maseira Public Library is a root construction whose design should express the nature of the institution. The main function of the institution is to acquire, collect, conserve, restore and communicate the collection while keeping it safe. Lay out and physical characteristics of the building have been adapted in accordance to these functions and to the perspective of its exponential growth. Optimal use of space and climatic conditions were necessary to obtaine a valuable preservation of the documentation.

The solution

The depositories form, with seven floors, a major part of the building. The floors arre connected by elevators and mount-loads, creating an efficient accessibility of the Archive and Library documentation.

The institution chose for Compactus® mobile storage systems with long mobiles, realising optimum use of the availble space and justifying the expected growth. The lay out, use of perforated uprights and distribution of the shelves is in accordance with ventilation, lighting and fire extinguishing measures.

The total area covers 4690 m2 and holds about 32 000 linear metres of documentation.