Central Archives selection, The Netherlands

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Central Archives selection, The Netherlands

The archive shelving of CAS is expanded with more then 72 km of storage capacity. Thanks to the Compactus® Double Decker that is installed, a multi-tier mobile storage system, there is created ultimate use of space.

The solution

The multi-tier mobile storage systems that is installed at CAS is quite unique. This is the first Compactus® Double Decker in the world with a ‘slave’. A ‘slave’ is an extra mobile that runs simultaneous with the first mobile cabinet when this is set in motion. That way longer aisles can be created. The mobile storage system at CAS is executed with aisles with a unique length of 14 meter.

Special to this project

  • Compactus® Double Decker with slave.
  • Unique length of aisles: 14 meter.