Small Part Handling

Shelving systems provide an ideal way of storing, organising and identifying small parts when handling component storage in warehouses and picking areas.

With a wide selection of shelving systems and options we can offer comprehensive solutions for any small parts storage or picking area; multi-tier shelving, mobile shelving, carton flow or sign and marking systems. Our products for small part storage and handling provide a unique combination of performance, security and economy.

  • Small Parts Shelving S90 Standard

    Small Parts Shelving S90 Standard

    Kasten small parts shelving S90 is supremely versatile and adapts to all your requirements – this is our main concept and the basis for the system.

  • Mobile Shelving S90

    Mobile Shelving S90

    Where efficient use of space is concerned, Kasten S90 mobile storage solutions offer many advantages. Only one, single aisle is needed, enabling 70% more storage capacity than static shelving.

  • Multi Tier - S90

    Multi Tier - S90

    Constructor small parts shelving S90 built in two tier or more interposed by mezzanine floors.

  • Narrow Aisle S90

    Narrow Aisle S90

    The main advantage of a narrow aisle storage installation is the optimization of storage space.

  • Hi280 - Standard

    Hi280 - Standard

    The variety of applications is endless, HI-280 can be built as a traditional shelving system or as a high rise installation with floors between levels.

  • Hi280 - Medium Span

    Hi280 - Medium Span

    Many parts and accessories from the standard HI280 shelving range are also suitable for HI280 medium span. This makes these 2 shelving systems very compatible and they can easily be combined with each other.

  • Hi280 - Mobile

    Hi280 - Mobile

    The HI280 shelving system has a large versatility when combined with Compactus® mobile bases, providing the optimal compact storage system.

  • Hi280 Multi Tier

    Hi280 Multi Tier

    HI280 shelving system multi tier, with an interposed mezzanine, is a construction of shelving built into two or more levels.

  • Hi280 Narrow Aisle

    Hi280 Narrow Aisle

    Narrow aisle shelving systems are mostly used in warehouses running 24 hours per day preferably with automated cranes.

  • Carton flow

    Carton flow

    Carton flow is built either as stationary units or supplied with lockable wheels for a fast and simple move at changes in lay out at the assembly line or warehouse.

  • Longspan Shelving

    Longspan Shelving

    Longspan shelving is fast and easy to assemble and uses a modular design that provides the maximum storage capacity, no matter what space is available.

  • HI280 - Accessories

    HI280 - Accessories

    A full range of HI280 accessories designed to suit your storage requirements.