P90 Pallet Racking - Pallet Flow or Push Through


P90 Pallet Racking - Pallet Flow or Push Through

High rate of turnover and fast access to goods: due to no more than two lanes being required, this option requires up to 60% less space than a conventional pallet racking warehouse.

The Pallet Flow push-through racking system is mainly used for storing large quantities of the same type of palletized goods on the first-in, last-out principle.

The pallets are placed in storage on one side of the channel, they automatically roll on sloping wheel conveyors towards the order picking side and can be retrieved, as required, from there. This type of storage technology, which is frequently in the drinks industry or as a buffer storage facility in the manufacturing industry, requires no more than two lanes for storing and retrieving goods.


• Up to 60% less floor space than conventional pallet racking

• First in First out (FIFO) system - provides automatic stock rotation

• One dedicated loading face and one retrival face - 2 lanes

• Higher speed of operation within the warehouse


P90 Pallet Racking - Pallet Flow or Push Through

P90 Pallet Flow racking offers a wide range of track, wheel and roller arrangements to suit most types and sizes of pallet.

Guides on the loads assist the forklift driver with pallet alignment.

An automatic braking system ensures that pallet movement is always safely under control. Pallets travel smoothly on full width or twin-track rollers.

A separator is used to retain the queue of pallets while the bottom one on the picking face is being taken out in safety.

Each installation is tailored to suit pallet size, weight and storage system requirement.


P90 Pallet Racking - Pallet Flow or Push Through

Standard solutions of FIN-pallets 1000*1200 mm and 800*1200 mm, sort side handling

Pallet weight 150 …1200 kg

Depth of racking 3 …15 pallets