Depending on the shape and weight of the objects to be stored, we can offer the safest possible storage solution for these objects.

Cantilever racks and Pallet racks:

  • For long objects, Constructor cantilever racks will prove highly efficient.
  • If the objects are heavy, pallet racks are ideal. These stable and versatile systems will guarantee safe and compact storage of the heaviest objects.

Panel racks and carpet racks:

  • For long and flat objects, panel racks will provide a spacesaving and safe solution.
  • Carpet racks are used for carpet rolls. If required, they will provide a functional solution for large-sized canvasses.



  Cantilever racks Pallet racks


Focus on flexibility

Available in different dimensions to accommodate the size of the collection items and the available space. X X
Can be fitted with wooden shelves, steel shelves or no shelves. X X
Can be made mobile X X


Focus on conservation

Storage of extreme lengths. X  
Storage of products with large dimensions.   X
Very stable construction that accomodates very high loads. X X


Focus on accessibility

Several people can access the collection at the same time. X X



  Cantilever racks Pallet racks



Racking height mm. 3000 up to 9000.

1500 up to 30000 mm.

Depths mm.

Arms 600 up to 1500.

 800 up to 1200 mm.
Length mm. Columns can be placed at maximum 2.000 mm apart.  Compartments 1500 up to 5000 mm.


Load capacity

Maximum load.

up to 5350 kg / per arm.


up to 5.000 kg / per level.

Maximum load per bay.   up to 30 tons.