Mobile Shelving and Racking


Mobile Shelving and Racking

Mobile storage solutions offer many advantages over static racks requiring aisles between rows in order to gain access to your collection. Mobile shelving and racking from Constructor make optimal use of the available space by using only a single aisle.

Optimise your space

Every square metre of conditioned storage space is costly. All space-saving possibilities are welcome, either to create extra storage space or to reduce costs for new buildings.

Mobile solutions: combines with any construction

Mobile shelving and racking can be used in combination with any construction, such as Compact and Sysco® shelving,  ArteStore painting frames, Longspan shelving, Cantilever racks, and Carpet racks. They may even be used without any construction, to create mobile platforms.

Three different drive options

Mobile shelves and racks can be equipped with an electronic Compactus® Power3 or Compactus® Electro drive and a manual Compactus® drive.

Electronic driven mobile shelving and racking

In addition to maximum storage capacity, Compactus® Power3 and Compactus® Electro will also provide optimal protection of your collection.

  • You realise low-vibration movement of the mobiles thanks to ‘soft start’ and ‘soft stop’.
  • To guarantee increased ventilation for your collection, Compactus® Power3 and Compactus® Electro can be programmed with a night mode setting.

High rooms? No problem!

Constructor's Compactus® Power3 drive can also be equipped on mobile units with 2 levels of shelving and a mezzanine construction, also called Compactus® Double Decker. 


Mobile Shelving and Racking

  Compactus® Power3 Compactus® Electro Compactus® Manual


Focus on space efficiency

Almost doubles the storage capacity. X X X


Focus on accessibility

All stored objects are easy and quickly accessible. X X X
Effortless operation by ”One touch” touch panel. X  X  
Allows double-sided operation. X X  
Accommodates users with special needs. X  X  


Focus on conservation

Vibration free movement by soft start – soft stop. X X  
Interface with safety and environmental systems. X    
Night mode. X X  
Completely emission-free thanks to steel with 100% cover of the epoxy coating and emission free aluminium floor. X X X


Focus on multifunctionality

The mobile system can be fitted with a range of shelving and racking systems to accommodate objects of all sizes and weights. X X X


Focus on flexibility

Flexible programming of access control. X    


Focus on safety

Ailse Safety. X X X
Motor Current Monitoring System. X X  
Photoelectric cells. X X  
Motion detection. X    
Complies with international safety standards.


GS, CE, EN 15095, IEC 60950.

GS, CE, EN 15095, IEC 60950. 


Focus on quality

Produced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. X X X
Meets important international quality standard RAL. X X X


Mobile Shelving and Racking

Floor options

Solid rails, manufactured from cold rolled steel can be fixed:

  • In the concrete floor.
  • In a raised floor with aluminium ramp for easy access.
  • In an emission free aluminium floor for best protection of the stored items.


Mobile base length: up to 12 meter.

  Compactus® Power3 Compactus® Electro Compactus® Manual


Load capacity

Maximum load per mobile base. 15 tons. 8 tons.  
Maximum block weight. 300 tons. 160 tons. 35 tons.