• Sliding book support

    Sliding book support

    To keep rows of books or documents upright. Can be locked in any position.

  • Pull-out shelf

    Pull-out shelf

    Pull-out shelves are used as a writing desk, work table or temporary storage of smaller goods.

  • Pull-out frame

    Pull-out frame

    Store documents in several types of suspension pocket files. The files are accessible from above.

  • Hand wheel lock

    Hand wheel lock

    Central locking system with a key installed on the last mobile. To lock the total system and protect confidential material.

  • Aisle safety

    Aisle safety

    Hand wheel push button for each mobile. Ensures safety of users in the aisle by preventing movement of the mobiles.

  • Steel partition panel

    Steel partition panel

    Create closed compartments.

  • Dividing bars

    Dividing bars

    Create open barred compartments.

  • Shelf perforated 2 and 3 rows

    Shelf perforated 2 and 3 rows

    Use with solid dividing bars or steel partition panels to create sub-compartments.

  • Sliding doors

    Sliding doors

    Sliding doors convert open shelving units and racks into closed modules.

  • Roller front doors

    Roller front doors

    Rooler front doors convert open shelving units and racks into closed modules.

  • Label holder

    Label holder

    To identify aisles.

  • Drawer


    Store smaller goods and office supplies either loose or packed. The drawer may be divided into a number of sections

  • Multi-purpose drawer

    Multi-purpose drawer

    For preserved storage of fragile and sensitive objects, which need to be protected against dust and light.

  • Interconnection mobiles

    Interconnection mobiles

    To interconnect 2 mobiles. The mobiles can be moved as interconnected block.