Compactus® Power3


Compactus® Power3

This product is replaced by our new Compactus®  Dynamic Pro XTR.


The intelligent electronic control of Constructor's Compactus® Power3 not only brings optimum ease of use, but also the best in operating safety, the protection of goods or files and confidential, secure storage. Bring the convenience of electronic control to your working environment.

You will always feel safe

You will always feel safe when using Compactus® Power3. In addition to the inbuilt Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS), you can chose from a number of safety devices, such as photoelectric cells and motion detection.

Prevent unauthorised access

To prevent anyone having unauthorised access to your documents, different aisles can be restricted to specific personnel or departments.

Oversized items

Do you need to stock oversized items at times? With Compactus® Power3 you can store and retrieve them safely. Damage is prevented by an easy adjustment of the mobile stopping distance.

Best protection for your goods and files

And to provide the best protection for your goods and files, Compactus® Power3 can interface with safety and environmental systems including fire alarms, temperature, lighting, humidity and ventilation control. Automatic mobile response to system activation and night mode positioning are integrated in the control software. After closing time, the system may be automatically repositioned, to provide extra ventilation – for example to protect documents during long term storage. Or the system may be locked to protect against theft

Your content is safe with Compactus® Power3.



Compactus® Power3

Focus on space efficiency

  •  Almost doubles the storage capacity.
  •  Adapts to the building constraints; all objects, such as pillars and ventilation shafts will be integrated in the design.

Focus on convenience

  • Effortless operation by ”One touch” touch panel.
  • Allows hands full operation.
  • Allows double-sided operation.
  • Accommodates users with special needs.
  • Controlled aisle lighting.

Focus on safety

  • Motor Current Monitoring System.
  • Photoelectric cells.
  • Motion detection.
  • Passive Safety.
  • Complies with international safety standards such as GS, CE and EN 15095.

Focus on protection

  • Vibration free movement by Soft start – soft stop.
  • Flexible programming of access control, stopping distance between the mobiles.
  • Interface with safety and environmental systems.
  • Night mode.

Focus on security

  • Flexible programming of access control.

Focus on quality and sustainability

  • High construction quality and perfect finish.
  • Complies with international quality standard RAL.
  • Produced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Compactus® Power3

Floor options

Solid rails, manufactured from cold rolled steel can be fixed:

  • In the concrete floor.
  • In a raised floor with aluminium ramp for easy access.
  • In an emission free aluminium floor for best protection of the stored items.


  • Mobile base length: up to 14,4 meter.
  • Shelving  height: up to 2994mm in 40 mm increments.
  • Shelf depths: 200, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, 370, 390, 400, 450 mm.

Load capacity

  • Maximum load per mobile base: 15 tons.
  • Maximum movable block weight: 300 tons.