Side2Side Movable Cabinets


Side2Side Movable Cabinets

Create barely visible, yet extremely effective extra storage capacity. The Side2Side system places a row of movable cabinets in front of a row of office cabinets to create a wealth of extra storage space. At the same time occupying less wall space.

Everything within easy reach

Documents or items required on a daily basis are always within easy reach. And even less frequently consulted documents and items are easily accessed by simply sliding the cabinet across the rails.

Future proof

And as office storage requirements change, the Side2Side system is easily moved or extended.


Side2Side Movable Cabinets

Focus on Space efficiency

  • Creates extra storage capacity directly in front of office cabinets.

Focus on flexibility

  • Modular set up: Can easily be extended with more static and movable  cabinets.
  • Available as open cabinets or closed with roller front doors.
  •  Can be used as cabinets against a wall or as double sided cabinet system as room divider.
  • Shelves are easy adjustable in increments of 20 mm.

Focus on convenience

  • All information and objects are easily and quickly accessible.
  • Movable cabinets can be moved aside easily and safely on the specially developed profiled aluminium rails.
  • Wide range of accessories – Side2Side adapts to the files and objects stored.

Focus on design

  • Side2Side can be finished in different steel colours, to blend in with the environment.

Focus on quality, sustainability and excellent finish

  • Complies with international quality and safety standards such as RAL and GS.
  • Produced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Guaranteed 100% coverage of the powder coating.
  • No sharp edges.


Side2Side Movable Cabinets


  • Cabinet height: 1634 up to 2234mm in 40 mm increments.
  • Shelf depths: 350, 390 mm.
  • Shelf length: 1000 mm.

Load capacity

  • Maximum load per shelf: without use of reinforcement bar – according to the RAL standard: 80 kg.
  • Maximum load per movable bay: 290 kg.
  • Maximum load per static bay: 800 kg.