Long Goods Handling

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Cantilever Racking, Timber Locker and A-rack are specially designed to store long goods and items of varying lengths.

Our products for long goods storage are ideal for safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads. They are ideal systems for storing steel bars, pipes, tubes, furniture and packs of timber. Some of them are also suitable for storing boards, metal sheets or large and valuable items such as crates and boxes or even white goods.

  • Heavy Duty Cantilever

    Heavy Duty Cantilever

    Cantilever racking is ideal for storing difficult and long items such as steel bars, pipes, tubes, packs of timber, furniture and even white goods.

  • Light Duty Cantilever

    Light Duty Cantilever

    Whether you need to store long lengths of timber, plastic pipes, mouldings or other light weight long goods horizontally safely, the Light Duty cantilever racking system is the perfect solution.

  • Timber Locker

    Timber Locker

    Timber storage is to be regarded as a conglomerate of different storage systems supplied with special details and solutions in order to work as an effective storing and handling of timber products.

  • A-Rack


    A-Rack is a convenient way to store lists, tubes and profiles. Products can be impressively displayed and storage space will remain large and clear, while saving space.

  • Longspan Shelving

    Longspan Shelving

    Kasten Longspan shelving is fast and easy to assemble and uses a modular design that provides the maximum storage capacity, no matter what space is available.