Library Shelving

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A Library is a dynamic environment that should offer the freedom to relax, to meet people, to discover and to foster personal development, while still providing the necessary shelves in the library to store all the books.

With Costructor, you have a partner who doesn’t just sell library shelving, but inspiring and custom-designed systems for your libraries. Clear, intelligent library shelving solutions that provide you with the space you need. Efficiency and enjoyment, for many years to come.


  • Sysco® Library shelving

    Sysco® Library shelving

    With Sysco® Library you get a high degree of dimensional flexibility to ensure that the optimum solution can be designed for any room, and for any purpose.

  • Kasten Combi shelving

    Kasten Combi shelving

    Combi-shelving is modular shelving systems with multiple depths and heights. It can be flexibly adjusted to changing needs.